BearShare 6.1

BearShare 6.1 is a peer to peer file sharing program only for Windows XP
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BearShare 6.1 is a peer to peer file sharing program only for Windows XP. It requires Windows Media Player 9 or newer, and Internet Explorer 6 or newer.
It supports eight languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Nederlander, Turkish and Italian.

BearShare 6.1 allows users to share music, programs, videos and images across the Internet. You can leave comments and messages to your friends. BearShare 6.1 has instant search suggest technology, that can find files even if you don´t know exactly its names. Has parental control, to protect your kids from some materials.

Upon installation, you will need to register introducing your user name, email and password, your city, zip code, birthday and gender. Optionally, you can enter more personal details, including your photo.

Then you will be presented the program's main screen.

As you enter some letters into the search window, BearShare will suggest you the remaining letters or words. When you press Search, a list of files with that words will show up. Choose one of them right clicking over it and choosing Download, and you will be getting that file.

Once completed, a message box will appear, offering you to play the file.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s fast and easy to use


  • Only works under Windows XP
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